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F is For Forniphilia

Drop the IKEA catalog and explore forniphilia—a unique form of BDSM bondage.

Photo: CRM via Shutterstock

Ever been perusing the West Elm catalog, happen upon a piece of furniture, and think to yourself, “Damn, that’s one sexy end table,”  or “Oh fuck, that couch makes me wet.”

Sure you have—so have we.

However, with the kink and BDSM community, a different type of furniture might turn you on. 

Enter forniphilia.

It’s quite likely this is the first time you have heard this term (unless you’re a Succession fan). 

So, sit back, relax, kick up your feet, and learn about the area of BDSM that focuses on the erotic nature of human furniture.

Sexual Bondage & the Human Body

Forniphilia is a form of sexual objectification and a type of BDSM that shapes the body of a submissive person into a piece of furniture, like a table or chair. Then, the sub is tightly bound, usually gagged, and must stay still for an extended period.

The act of turning a submissive into nothing more than a piece of functional furniture is the end goal for a sex bondage enthusiast—and when it comes to kink, there is an erotic pleasure that can be found in the “waiting” and vulnerability part of the sex play… waiting to be useful, waiting to be used, waiting to be fucked.

The Forniphilia Fetish

To the bondage sex newbie, you might be asking yourself, “Why the fuck would I want to be a footstool?”

The answer is varied and comes down to what you find hot as you consider taking on the role of a sub. However, there are a few common threads for people who get off by the idea of being used as furniture.


Some BDSM enthusiasts get very turned on sexually by being reduced to something “below” human and like the idea of being ignored by their dom partner.


Since a forniphilia fetish can be performed publicly or privately, and you are placed in a revealing or compromising position, there is a particular type of humiliation that many subs find erotic.


The dom is in charge here, and since restraints bind the sub, total control is relinquished.


Many subs enjoy feeling useful to their partner. If you’re a piece of furniture, the dom may use you as a chair—and they may also take advantage of you sexually based on the position they bind you in.

Control & Dominance

Many doms are brought to the point of orgasm, knowing they are putting their partner in an uncomfortable situation. Also, many BDSM doms seek the opportunity to physically dominate their partner either via the placement of the sub’s body into an unnatural state or by being in control of the sex with someone who is consenting but unable to resist. 

Remember, though, consent can be withdrawn at any time. Using a safe word, respecting boundaries, and aftercare are paramount.

Ways to Explore a Human Furniture Fetish

There are multiple ways to introduce a human furniture fetish to your fuck play. Here are some ideas:

  •  Become a doormat. This is the ultimate in subservice, and if you long to be the doormat, the dom can dress you up or down as they see fit. They can toss you in the entranceway and wipe their feet on you.
  • Allow yourself to be used. Maybe you want to be taught a lesson. Let your partner position you how they desire, sit on you, put their feet up on you, or otherwise “use” you, meaning fuck you however they want while you are unable to move.
  • Engage in rituals and costuming. Both are key components of a sex furniture fetish. The dom can make you wobble in thigh-high boots, completely naked, while you serve as a bookshelf or a piece of art—and then show you off at a kinky fetish sex party.

Rachel, 39, explains that her forniphilia fetish has a lot to do with being degraded and humiliated, which is highly sexually arousing for her.

“My partner made me a human table. He bonded my hands and legs from the knees down and placed me on the marble kitchen floor. Then he used a thin layer of glue to attach a pane of glass to my hips and shoulders.”

Then he sat down to eat dinner off of her.

“Just the act of being completely ignored turned me on. However, after he finished eating, he did decide to ‘polish’ the furniture, which involved paying special attention to fucking my cunt with his hand.”

Safety as a Forniphile

Speaking of consent: If you are interested in exploring this type of kinky sex, it is first necessary to set the rules and boundaries as a sub. Discuss what you are comfortable with, what you’re willing to do, how long you want to be bound, and what is off-limits.

Also, ensure you have a non-verbal signal and verbal safety word in case you want to be released immediately or feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed. 

Furthermore, if you are exploring different types of forniphilia bondage, ensure you know how to work with that type of sex restraint well and have medical scissors or other ways to escape in case of an emergency.

To learn more about forniphilia and see if you are interested in this type of BDSM fuck fetish, watch some different kinds of kink porn and bondage play.

Who knows? Being used as a Chesterfield might make you cum. 

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