We define ‘woman’ in very simple terms: If you think you’re a woman, you’re a woman. We never exclude anyone from exploration. All are welcome.

At the core, our mission is to break down barriers and remove stigma from female sexuality.

Women are watching more and more porn and looking for new forms of arousal. We’re curious. But we lack a greater understanding of the full scope of sexuality. We long to be surprised by our own desires. We want to feel truly alive, electric. 

Sexual exploration helps us see ourselves better, helps us feel less freakish and alone. It helps contextualize identity – our own identity and those of others. Sexuality unties the strict binds of the roles society makes us play. 

Even if our desires are never shared with our partners or our friends, there is an understanding, a shift that occurs that allows us to see. 

Juicy Pink Box is the place where exploration is allowed – a playground for the erotic. A place that is open, unintimidating, and sensual.

Jincey Lumpkin is the CEO of Juicy Pink Box. She is a producer, director, and author. To learn more about Jincey, visit our About page.

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