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Lube 101: The Slippery Secret to Better Sex

Want some great friction-free sex? Glide into ecstasy with our tantalizing guide to lubing up for some wet sex.

Photo: Catherine Heath via Unsplash

There’s a common misconception about using lube. Simply put, you might think you only need to lube up if places down south resemble the Sahara. But want to know a secret? Lube can make sex better in almost every instance. 

So, whether you want to embrace pleasure without unwanted pain, are looking to try a new type of sex, or are just wondering what all the fuss is about, you’re in the right place. Class is in session–welcome to Lube 101.

Why Should I Use Lube?

In simple terms, lube minimizes dryness, discomfort, and damage that can be triggered by sex. Lube reduces friction against your sensitive areas. For vaginal sex, the added slip and slide can be super useful when things aren’t as juicy as you’d like them to be. 

No matter if you’re experiencing hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle, are dealing with perimenopausal/menopausal issues, or you just need a little help, lube puts you in control of your pleasure.

This isn’t just true for AFAB folk, BTW. Many trans women who’ve had bottom surgery will need to use lube, too, depending on the type of surgery they’ve had. And if you want to try fisting, you’re definitely going to want to make lube your BFF.

Okay, now quiet in the back, please. It’s time for booty talk: lube can be a lifesaver for vaginal sex, but for ass play, it’s essential.

The ass isn’t self-lubricating like the vagina. Without help, you’ll quickly end up with painful tears and abrasions if you’re trying to put a dick or a strap-on in it. 


Not what you want to be thinking about during a night of passion. 

Oh, and did I mention that by reducing the risk of tears, lube also helps cut your risk of certain STIs? What’s not to like?

Photo: via Freepik

What Are the Different Kinds of Lube?

  • Water-based
  • Oil-based
  • Silicone-based

Each of the three main kinds of lube have pros and cons, so it’s important to be aware of these when selecting the best one for the type of sex you’re having. 

Water-based lube is great if you’re using condoms or toys, but it can feel less slick than the alternatives. If you want the least friction possible, then you may want to consider an oil or silicone-based lube.

But beware; silicone-based lubes are condom-safe but can damage silicone toys, while oil-based lubes won’t play nicely with latex condoms, toys, and accessories. 

What Kind of Lube Should I Use?

The kind of lube you use will depend on your needs, but there are a few things to consider:

Photo: Gabriel Soares via Pexels

Some people with vaginas find that some lubes make them more susceptible to UTIs, thrush, or vaginal infections. If that’s you or your partner(s), look for lubes marketed as being pH balanced for the vagina–some even have added beneficial bacteria to boost your vagina’s microflora.

On the flip side, lubes designed with the vagina in mind can be too acidic for anal sex and can cause stinging or burning. Many people find they need a slightly heavier formula for butt play. If that’s you, be on the lookout for thicker-textured lubes specifically for the ass.  

It’s always good to watch out for sensitivities, too. Make sure to patch-test any new lube before slathering it all over your pussy or dick! Lubes with synthetic ingredients can be aggravating, so lubes made with natural ingredients can be a wise alternative.

It’s also possible to skip the store altogether–coconut oil is a popular choice. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that as it’s an oil, it won’t be compatible with condoms.

Slip-Sliding to Sexual Satisfaction

We’ve reached the end of class, and hopefully you’re up to speed. Lube is a great way to make fucking feel even better (or make it possible to begin with!). And remember, don’t be shy about applying frequently and generously–there’s no harm in keeping things wet!

Whatever your situation, proper lubrication lets you sit back and enjoy the pleasure. Give it a try–your tunnels of love will wholeheartedly thank you later!

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