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10 Simple Things You Can Do During Sex That Are Insanely Hot

Looking to spice up your sex life? Here are 10 simple sex acts to try that will make you and your partner howl.

Photo: Roman Odintsov via Pexels

Every person wants to feel gratified and pleasured during sex… however, it’s easy to fall into a rut sometimes and feel like the time you spend between the sheets is a movie you’ve seen way too many times before. So, if you’re looking to spice things up and breathe some new energy into your sex life, here are ten simple sex acts to introduce right now.

How to Spice It Up in the Bedroom (Or Anywhere Else for that Matter)

Investigate a New Position

Ever heard of the Corkscrew? What about the Pretzel Dip? In the mood for a Helicopter? Do a bit of investigating and add a new sex position to the repertoire. Shake things up and play with a new kinky sex position you have never heard of or tried before. Hell, even if you want to make Missionary that much better, simply get a sex pillow and put it under your butt while you spread your legs wide open side to side—it will let your partner penetrate your pussy that much deeper.

Let Your Partner Watch You Masturbate

Put on a show and have your partner watch you while you use your hand or a vibrator to play with your vag while they stroke their cock. Look into their eyes and tell them how you want them to touch themselves, or let them tell you what to do to yourself—and then simply obey. This can introduce a sexy power dynamic.

Use a Blindfold

Sometimes considered “beginner BDSM,” introducing a blindfold during sex can be exhilarating and hot. Ultimately, when you block off one of your senses, your body focuses on the others. When your partner touches your clit or runs their tongue down your body, it will be that much more cum-worthy. Just make sure you have a safe word to use in case it becomes too intense.

Watch Different Porn

If you and your partner like to watch porn together (and truth be told, it’s great foreplay), then try exploring a new genre and see what gets you horny. Maybe watch a foursome with two men and two women, or maybe explore a bicurious threesome involving two men and a woman. Want to see if a gangbang or an orgy makes you cum? Don’t be shy—explore your kink.

Get Loud (And Don’t Be Afraid to Wake the Neighbors)

Scream out your sexual fantasies, and don’t be afraid of who can hear them. (It can be hot to engage in some light exhibitionism and know that other people can hear you.) If you want to up the raciness, leave the blinds open or crack your bedroom window and let everyone know what’s going on inside your home.

Take It Public  

Speaking of exhibitionism, consider sex in public. Fuck in the backseat of your car in a crowded parking lot, or sneak off to a bathroom stall during date night. The thrill of getting caught or having other people know or see what you are doing can be orgasmic.

Make a Sex Tape

It’s never been easier to film yourself while fucking. Pull out your smartphone and become your pornographer. Have your partner film your POV while you suck his dick, or prop your phone up to capture him fucking you doggy style. Get adventurous, knowing this content is just for you—and then rewatch it. Of course, if you are worried about digital privacy, it’s perfectly fine to delete it once you are done (and delete it from any cloud platforms/backup devices).

Try Edging

Edging is a form of sex play where a person brings their partner to the very edge of an orgasm only to stop the sex act they were performing to delay or control them from cumming. Edging extends the physical arousal, which can intensify the experience when the person is finally allowed to climax.

Give Anal a Try

Butt sex might be totally new to you—and that’s okay. However, there are a variety of ways to engage in anal sex play without actually putting a dick in your ass right off the bat. Let your partner use their fingers to stimulate the skin around your asshole (there are thousands of nerve endings), or buy a butt plug to ease into butt play (just make sure it has a flanged end). If you’re feeling adventurous, have them play with your butthole while they enter your pussy. And if they’re down for it, try sticking one of your fingers in their asshole; you’d be surprised at how many guys realize they enjoy it.

Experiment with Role Play

Access your shadow self and explore a new side of your personality—after all, there’s a reason why role play is one of the most common sex fantasies out there. Approaching sex in a way that you usually wouldn’t behave can be freeing and intoxicating.  Explore a light dom/sub scenario, i.e., gynecologist, patient, flight attendant, and passenger. Of course, there’s no harm in showing the plumber some extra special appreciation when he comes to unclog your pipes, either.

Trying New Types of Sex is Hot & Fresh

When it comes to sex, there is no right or wrong way to do it, provided everyone is consenting, comfortable, and on board.

Exploring new sex acts, positions, and fantasies is exciting and part of a healthy and satisfying sex life—plus, it can forge a deeper connection with your partner and freshen up a long-term relationship.  Talk to each other about your desires, turn your bodies into playgrounds, and find brand-new ways to cum.

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