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C is for Caging

Here’s what you need to know as you explore caging and confinement bondage sex with your partner.

Exploring kinky sex and new fetishes is always hot and sexy—and having a sexual desire to see or fantasize about cage play is popular within the BDSM community as well as in sex clubs. It’s also a type of sex play that has gained considerable popularity in mainstream sex, too.

So, if you are looking to fulfill your cage fetish, open up your mind and indulge yourself—there are so many types of cage bondage to explore.

What is BDSM Caging?

Caging is a type of sex play that confines a person in a human cage. One participant chooses to be the submissive—the person who is placed in the cage. The other is the dominant partner, and this person teases and “tortures” their caged partner.

BDSM caging is a form of bondage fucking and focuses on power exchange in a sexual relationship. Of course, with any form of bondage sex play, it’s important for the sex partners to negotiate their levels of comfort, what they are willing to do, and what might challenge their boundaries. o Establishing a safe word is essential in case caging goes too far.

Cage play is both a symbolic and practical form of sexual dominance and submission—it can involve erotic punishment as well as elicit intense pleasure and pain.

Additionally, BDSM cage sex can enable many types of kinks to be explored, including humiliation, puppy play, roleplay, chastity play, abduction as seduction, begging, collaring, caning, and so many other fetishes. 

Types of BDSM Cages

If you’re interested in introducing cage play during foreplay or sex, take some time first to explore your kink and learn what you enjoy watching. Determine if you want to play the role of sub or dom (or both for that matter!), and what might arouse you. Know that lots of cage porn exists, and it ranges from beginner-level and mild to hardcore and extreme.

In the meantime, here are some BDSM cages to learn about:

Barrel Cage

This is exactly what it sounds like. It’s shaped like a barrel and positions the sub in an uncomfortable position. The sub is incredibly confined. Usually, the sub’s head will be outside of the cage, so the dom can “force” oral sex on the sub, essentially fucking their face.

Stand-Up Cage

A perfect choice to fulfill an abduction fantasy or prison role play, the stand-up cage leaves the submissive in a standing position and prevents them from sitting down. The dom is able to access the sub’s body through the bars of the cage, use dildos and other toys on their ass, pussy, or cock and balls… or “punish” them in other ways.

Head Cage

This type of cage is used to restrict and restrain the sub’s head and can be used during sex play that involves forced worship, humiliation, depersonalization, and the like. The cage itself can be attached to the floor or wall… so it keeps the sub in one place while it keeps their body mobile, enabling the dom to use them as they wish.

Chastity Cages

Of course, not all cage play involves a physical cage that confines the entire body of the sub—sometimes, cage bondage comes in the form of a physical or leather device that is locked onto the cock or over the pussy that prevents penetration and masturbation. These sex toys are handy when “punishing” a sub with arousal but denying them the opportunity to orgasm and controlling their ability to cum.

Keeley, 27, reminisces on how she entered the world of cage play with her partner. “I was in Amsterdam on vacation—and my partner and I went to a sex club, just to see what it was like. We watched this couple doing cage BDSM, and I realized I was seriously turned on.”

When the couple returned to their hotel room, they pulled up some BDSM porn and fucked.

“It was really hot, and when we returned Stateside, we decided to try it out at home. I was interested in easing into it, so we bought this barrel cage online since it wasn’t overly confining right off the bat. I got into it, and my partner made me suck his dick. Then, he used a vibrator on me from the outside of the cage. All I could do was take it. There was nowhere for me to go.”

Caging is an Ultimate Bondage Experience

Cage play and the confined fucking of a sub can be an exciting and erotic experience, intense with new levels of sexual release and satisfaction.

Begin your journey by watching some BDSM cage porn, fantasize about whether you’re a sub or a dom, talk to your partner about what punishment or control makes you wet, and then turn that fantasy into a reality.

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