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Top 10 Sex Museums in the World

Provocative exhibits and the history of passionate sex at the world’s top 10 sex museums.

Photo: Saiko3p via Shutterstock

Wondering if dildos were a thing in the Dark Ages? Curious to learn if the ancients liked anal? Want to explore how cavemen liked to eat prehistoric pussy?

Get horny over history as we break down the 10 must-see sex museums around the globe—and expand your knowledge about how our forebears liked to fuck.  

A Historic Celebration of All Things Sexy

Our ancestors were not prudes, and they enjoyed fornicating as much as we do. As you’re planning your next city outing or organizing a vacation itinerary, don’t miss these fun exhibits dedicated to eroticism.

Museum of Sex, New York City

In the heart of the Big Apple, the Museum of Sex offers a tantalizing stroll through the annals of human sexuality. Learn about the history of the sex-positive movement, activism, and eroticism in the queer community, and peruse galleries of sex toys from every era (don’t miss the anal vacuum!). This is literally a playground of exhibits that will ponder the complexities of pleasure.

Erotic Museum (Museu de l’Erotica), Barcelona, Spain

This quirky museum in the Las Ramblas district presents an 800+ artifact collection that spans from the times of ancient kink through to today. The museum features a variety of different rooms and showcases everything from the sexuality associated with classical art all the way to a fuck machine display.

Sex Machines Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

Speaking of fuck machines, here’s a museum that will grind your gears, quicken your pulse, and make you wet between your legs. This museum isn’t afraid to get hands-on with the mechanical side of penetrative pleasure. Marvel at the artistry behind the tools of desire—past and present.

Museum of Prostitution, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This isn’t your typical red-light district tour. It’s an eye-opening exploration of the world’s oldest profession, challenging stereotypes and promoting the understanding that there’s no shame in sex work. Prepare to see the red lights in a new, sex-positive way—and realize that hookers really do have hearts of gold.

Larco Museum, Lima, Peru

A place where eroticism and art couple like they are covered in lube, the Larco Museum explores everything from pre-Columbian erotic art to contemporary expressions. This museum showcases the sensual side of South American culture. Prepare yourself to feel the heat of Latin passion.

Love Land, Jeju Island, South Korea

An open-air sculpture park featuring over 140 erotic installations, this attraction is a playful paradise devoted to passion and pleasure. The park boasts giant cock statues, a pussy made of stone, and even hands-on exhibits such as a “masturbation cycle.” It’s an education in sexuality—and you might even learn about a new sex position or twelve when you visit.

Museum of Ancient Chinese Sex Culture, Shanghai, China

This place puts the sultry in Shanghai and explores the history of Chinese erotic art. Cum-inducing collections, literature, and culture come together (no pun intended) to reveal a nuanced understanding of desire that spans dynasties. It’s time to explore the forbidden pleasures of the Far East.

Icelandic Phallological Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

Here’s a museum that might inspire you to go back to school, get a “Big D,” and become a phallologist. Science meets humor in this cocky exhibit (pun intended), and the museum features a diverse collection of everything love stick-related. It’s a lighthearted yet educational experience that’s sure to boff your brain.

World Erotic Art Museum, Miami, USA

Truly global in nature, the WEAM isn’t just a museum; it’s a celebration of human desire through the lens of art and spans diverse cultures and historical periods. It features the collection of Naomi Wilzig, who, in her life, collected more than 4,000 pieces of erotica. Where else can you see The Great Wall of Vulva or Snow White getting gang-banged by the Seven Dwarves?

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