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WTF is OnlyFans?

Learn more about this sexy subscription-based social media platform.

Photo: Yuliya Shik via Pexels

Alright, buckle up and brace yourselves for a wild ride into the realm of OnlyFans—the platform where adulting genuinely is fun, and the content options are limitless.

A Saucy Playground of Online Content

Picture this: a place where content creators have free reign, and fans have the chance to interact one-on-one (for a fee, of course). OnlyFans, born in 2016, initially raised some eyebrows on the adult entertainment scene. Today it has become a normalized, on-demand porn environment… and a viewer can personalize the content they consume based on what they want to spend. 

A Sizzling Business Model

The OnlyFans business model has revolutionized the world of sex work—and the COVID-19 lockdowns experienced in 2020 can be thanked. The NSFW subscription-based platform has become its proverbial universe and a place where sex workers, pornographers, webcam models, escorts, and other entertainers can monetize their influence—and give their viewers exactly what they want.

Photo: Александр Прокофьев via Pexels

A Symphony of Diverse Delights

Now, yes, OnlyFans is the red-light district of the Internet. However, it’s also a carnival of creativity. Fitness lovers can flaunt their curves and do sexy squats in front of the camera for their paying audience. Culinary maestros display their skills in the kitchen (yes, and some of them are probably doing it naked). And if you have a foot fetish… OnlyFans is your go-to place for diddling yourself to feet vids.

Ultimately, no matter if you are looking for some G-rated content or are interested in telling a porn star how you want to see them fuck themselves with a vibrator, OnlyFans has something for everyone.

What Sets OnlyFans Apart?

OnlyFans is all about empowerment. Creators aren’t just creating sexy content or delivering explicit videos. Instead, they’re taking control of their destinies, padding their bank accounts, and breaking free from traditional methods of providing porn to viewers—and they’re having a good time doing it, too.

OnlyFans is all about shaking up the status quo and embracing the liberation that comes with owning your sexual creativity.

Melanie, 26, is a model and an OnlyFans content creator. She initially got on the site to make money after many in-person jobs were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I was stressed, you know? Yes, I was looking for traditional work, but COVID had everything nuts. If it weren’t for all that, I probably never would have considered OnlyFans. However, I realized it could be lucrative,” she explains.

Photo: Igor Starkov via Pexels

Initially, Melanie started by posting sexy pictures, which garnered her a following. From there, she expanded ased on what the men (and some women) in her audience wanted. She does use a stage name in the interest of anonymity.

“My audience wanted to get to know me. I’m like an online girlfriend. Sometimes, a guy just wants me to walk around in my underwear. Other times, they want me to finger myself on camera or twerk for them. I’ve even had some bicurious women interact with me, wanting to see me naked or sext with me—it’s an easy way to explore a sex fantasy. The personal touch is what’s important. Plus, I’m making about $10K on average per month—and I don’t mind trying out more explicit or risqué content. I haven’t fucked anyone on camera—and I’m not sure if I ever will. But there’s nothing wrong with me sharing my body and talking with my fans. It’s fun.”

Selling Sexy One Subscription at a Time

While OnlyFans does have content that isn’t explicit or sexual when someone talks about it, they’re likely talking about porn and getting themselves off—and there’s nothing wrong with that! The platform’s draw is associated mainly with the promise of seeing something that is usually unseen. It’s a virtual strip club and digital sex trade with creative free rein. Don’t be afraid to check it out as a fan… you might just find inspiration to become a content creator! Of course, if traditional porn is more up your alley, then click here.

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