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Take this Blog to Work – Lesbian Porn with Jincey

Jincey discusses her unconventional career shift, emphasizing her commitment to creating high-quality, cinematic lesbian erotic content while running her own company.

Everyone’s had jobs that are mind numbingly boring and so fucking awful you spend all day googling cat pants and watching old episodes of My So Called Life on the sly. Most of us don’t have the balls, the time, or the money to finally quit and do some kind of shit that really makes us happy. Then there’s a breed of kids who just say fuck it, quit that awful lawyering shit, and start telling naked girls when and where to stick out their tongues and help shave their pubic hair into more symmetrical triangles. Well, at least one person we know did that. Her name is Jincey and she produces lesbian porn. This is the part where we get all curious and ask a bunch of questions and she answers them politely, in order, and with feeling.

Vice: Hi. You produce lesbian porn for a living. Tell me everything. Is it all sparkling high budget productions or low-budget, DIY-type of stuff?
Jincey: I’m an attorney turned producer and I run a company that makes lesbian erotic entertainment. Listen, this isn’t a gang bang in some bar bathroom caught on tape with a flip camera. We’re making high quality shit at! My vision was to bring to life something that I thought was missing out there: lesbian pornography that is real but glamorous and cinematic. It’s like Bertolucci… just, er, more fisting. 

What kind of responsibilities are we talking about here?
At this point it’s still in the start-up stage, so I’m short on help. Last year I launched, a lesbian social network for sharing erotic experiences. I do everything for that, down to approving every single member ever. For the production that just wrapped, TAXI, I was the executive producer, so that means I was in charge of hiring and managing everyone, paying for everything, supplying food and port-o-potties, and picking up everyone’s plastic plates and cigarette butts, and a million other things. Ego, exit stage left. Seriously, in a start-up, you have to do everything or nothing gets done.

How did you get into this job? A lawyer turned lesbian porno producer doesn’t exactly seem like a conceivable career move…
Ha! If someone had said to me in my third year of law school that within three years I would be producing pornography, I would have told them that they were crazy. I NEVER, EVER imagined that I would be doing something like this. I suppose my career in the adult industry began when I started writing an anonymous sex blog in January 2008. I was practicing law and had the most boring job imaginable, where we would do nothing (really absolutely nothing) for MONTHS on end. I was losing my mind. My office buddies were always asking me about sex–every straight man loves a lesbian! Since I was single, they said I should start a sex blog, so I did. After a few months, I wanted to make something more out of it, and I began delving into the adult world in earnest. I left my lawyer job in August 2008, and I’ve been on the path to producing pornography ever since. 

Do you get tired of seeing naked girls go at it all the time?
Surprisingly, yes. After a week of shooting naked girls for 18-20 hours a day, you’re kind of like, “pussy off.” Enough. It’s not even necessarily the sex itself, it’s just that production is so grueling. During the last take the very last day of the shoot I actually fell asleep for about five minutes. I was so warm on set, and I was so cozy in my chair, and suddenly, the monitor just became hazy… However, breasts are beautiful, and I don’t think I will ever get tired of seeing them. 

Have you won any awards for this stuff?
No. I think the Feminist Porn Awards will probably ban me because I refuse to call my work “dyke porn” and instead prefer to call it lesbian pornography. However, we haven’t put TAXI out there in the festival circuit, so it could happen. Do they give Oscars for best masturbation with a seat belt?

No. But maybe they’ll make up a category for most innovative maneuvers with inanimate objects. The idea of being in charge of an entire film scares the shit out of me. Do you enjoy that part of the job?
Believe me, it scared the shit out of me, too. I threw up the night before we began shooting TAXI, and I haven’t thrown up since I had a mad case of stomach flu three years ago. Sometimes the stress is so overwhelming that your body just stops working, but you have to keep on going. I certainly don’t enjoy the pressure and the anxiety! I had horrible nightmares every night for a month during and after production, but in the end, it’s worth it to see the seed of your idea grow into something real and tangible. 

Since you are basically in charge of…everything, do you ever have to get super mean and put people back in their places? Maybe they have a name for you behind your back, kind of thing…
Ew, yes. This is one part of the job that I fucking detest. Honestly, I think I’m a really nice person. I try to live my life with high ethical standards, and I like people to be happy. However, I have learned that as a boss, you can’t be “the friend,” even if–as is the case in my case–you work with friends. The job and the product have to supersede. As the head honchette, I’ve had to learn to deal with a variety of personalities. Some people don’t listen unless you yell at them. Other people will cry and hate you if you yell at them. I suppose that management is about finding what works with each individual. I’m sure people may have thought I was a Nazi on set, but I never heard anyone say anything bad about me. 

Your all time favorite porno–what is it?
I love Crash Pad; it’s the ultimate classic in authentic lesbian pornography. I despise mainstream girl/girl porn and all of its slimy porno tongues. However, I love love love Face Dance–so cheesy early 90s, but there’s one super hot scene with two women and one’s pretending to be blind. Ah, gotta love vintage John Stagliano. 

Any advice for the jobless kids right now?
Well, if you’re a hot lady and you like ladies, then send me photos–we’re always casting new talent. Boys, well… sorry. 

And if you weren’t busy directing a bunch of naked girls to kiss and stuff, what would you be doing?
It involves drafting contracts and attending hearings at court. In other words, using my law degree to practice law in a conventional way. But who wants to be conventional when the world needs good lesbian pornography?

ELLIS JONES Press photo by Diana Scheunemann
All other photos by Darcy Totten

Originally published by VICE Magazine on August 19, 2009

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