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Ladies… The Rapture Arrives for NYC Pride

Jincey Lumpkin, known for her work in erotic lesbian films, has been brought in to add a titillating factor to the event.

The calendared Rapture may have come and gone and although highly anticipated it registered as little more than a ‘blip’ on the excitement level. All that hype and very little delivery – sounds familiar huh? When 2011 comes to a close only one scheduled Rapture will be remembered as an event worthy of the end of days having the ladies of NYC Gay Pride partying like it’s the end of time.

Under the June sky of Chelsea’s west side piers Rapture on the River delivers the ladies’ Gay Pride event the envy of the A-List and every L Word aficionado.

And regardless of whether the day cooperates with a brilliantly blazing sunshine or a perfectly timed summer showers, someone is going to get wet…literally and figuratively at this year’s event. Rapture On The River is the official girl’s party of NYC Gay Pride. Jincey Lumpkin, ESQ, founder of (an erotic lesbian sex film site) has partnered with NYC Heritage of Pride to bring you the best and sexiest entertainment ever assembled for the annual gathering.

With over 3,000 women expected to attend this is the first time, Jincey, has produced something of this size. Often comfortably situated behind the lens, the filmmaker is most well known for choreographing her talent through the hottest on-camera antics. Producing a Pride event of this magnitude seemed like the appropriate challenge for this crafty entrepreneur. “I’m used to producing but this is a huge undertaking – you just have to execute it in a bigger way,” Jincey explains.

Give Them What They Want…

Promising to put together a jam-packed thrill-a-minute bash, full of hot women, hot beats and very hot talent, it would by all indications appear an easy sell for Lumpkin, but the skilled marketer still faces her greatest test: a hot ticket audience. “The biggest challenge is bringing all of us together,” she shares. “Pride is all about celebrating together. It’s hard when you have to appeal to all kinds of lesbians but that’s where the titillation factor comes in.”

Hmm…did someone say ‘titillation’? Jincey would certainly know something about titillating the crowd. She adds, [Heritage of Pride] “brought me in to sex it up, make it more fun.” Telling her to: “Go at it girlfriend…do whatever you want.” And that’s just what she’s doing.

So what can the crowd expect? Jincey sets up the preview: “We [girls] like a little more foreplay. The burlesque performers we’ve gotten for the line-up are amazing. They’re so good at entertaining the crowd – they’re the best of the best.” Adding that: “This is about celebrating your sexuality from the inside out with the message ‘Go for it…let your freak out.'”

To help loosen things up the very funny, Carolyn Castiglio, will be hosting a comedy hour with a line-up of all female comics. Comedy hour will coincide with happy hour where there will be drink specials and then it’s on to a night of unbridled sexiness with a sensual strip tease from burlesque star, The Maine Attraction. Pop singing sensation LALA will perform her chart climbing hit single “Never Forget You” and there’s The World-Famous Pontani Sisters in a high-energy burlesque number.

Music…Comes Together!

Of course, there’ll be lots of bump ‘n’ grinding courtesy of DJ Mary Mac and DJ Susan Levine pumping the tunes all day and night long with go-go dancing from Bianca Dagga, Stormy Leather, Vicky Sin & Evelyn Vinyl. And as if that isn’t enough excitement, Jincey teases on by adding: “We have a lot of surprise celebrity guests that are going to show up.” Not wanting to show all her cards I dared to ask, to give me a clue or two. She relented and revealed the initials “S – M”. Interesting.

In addition to all the provocative excitement, diversity is a big theme this year, a detail enriching the talent line-up as well as the desire to appeal to a broader audience. At the Rapture on the River there really is something for everyone. Jincey continues, “One thing that we did that we haven’t done in the past couple of years is signed with Peer Pressure for our official ‘after party’. Girls can come to our party all day long then head over to Peer Pressure (at the Chelsea Brewing Company in Chelsea Piers) and if you buy a VIP ticket for $75 you get into Rapture on the River, open bar…including unlimited champagne, there’s a VIP area with cabanas.” There’s even an opportunity for party guests to win $250 bucks by competing in the ‘interactive’ wet t-shirt contest. What makes it interactive? Jincey gives a sly, sexy little laugh and says the ‘wet’ (yes, wet) go-go dancers will be handing out water guns.

And if you have yet to get your tickets for this event Jincey explains why you shouldn’t wait. “This is the only party that has an entire day and night of entertainment lined up it’s going to be an over the top, sensory overload, sexed out good time and it’s the only party on a pier, right there on the Hudson…water…sunshine.” FYI loyal Pride gatherers: it also happens to be the last year both the girls and boys parties will be held on the infamous Pier 54. You don’t want to miss this what will be the rapturous end of a Pride tradition.

Originally published by EDGE Media Network on June 19, 2011.

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