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WTF is a Unicorn?

Do you fantasize about becoming a sex unicorn and having threesomes? Here’s what you need to know.

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Within the non-monogamous and polyamorous sex community, a unicorn is a person who has sex with a pre-existing couple. Sometimes, this can lead to romantic involvement.

There are tons of possibilities for a unicorn, and they range from consensual one-night sex that fulfills a 3-way fantasy to a friends-with-benefits situation—or even to long-term nesting as a “throuple.”

And while a unicorn can quite literally be any person, they are most frequently single, bisexual, or bi-curious women who love the idea of fucking a straight couple with no strings attached and no emotional connection.

Interested in Unicorn Sex? Decide What You Want

Threesomes are one of the most common sexual fantasies—and not shockingly, there are a ton of resources out there that are geared towards couples looking to make a triad in the bedroom. However, for the unicorns themselves, information is sketchy at best.

How to Become a Unicorn and Find the Right Couple to Fuck

If you get wet at the idea of fucking a husband and his wife at the same time, it’s essential to be clear about your desires.  The more you can identify what you want to take away from this fantasy, the more likely it will be fulfilled.

The Setup: What Do You Want as a Unicorn?

  • Do you want a one-time hook-up?
  • Are you looking for a couple to have repeat sex with?
  • Would you like to become a permanent fixture in their relationship?

What Sex Acts Are You Comfortable With? And What’s Off-Limits?

  • Are there positions you want to try with the couple? For instance, do you want the husband to fuck you while the wife sits on your face?
  • Are their sex acts that are a no-go on your list? I.e., anal, dom/sub, BDSM, etc. 
  • Do you want to be the special guest who gets the most attention?
  • Would you prefer to collaborate with one partner to pleasure the other?
  • Do you want a mix of everything?
  • What type of fantasy or role-playing would you be willing to fulfill for the couple?
  • Do you enjoy the idea of being watched by the husband while his wife eats your pussy or vice versa? Does the thought of watching them have sex while you masturbate turn you on?

Other Things to Consider

  • Make sure you understand what everyone wants from the dynamic so everyone is happy and consenting.
  • Talk about safe sex early–and before there is intimacy.
  • If this goes beyond a one-time hook-up, be prepared for the possibility of emotions and feelings. 
  • If this turns into repeat sex, are you allowed to have sex outside of the threesome?
  • Always establish your boundaries and set the rules. Communication is key.

Rebecca, 30, explains how she established what she wanted as a unicorn and her rules for sex, “When I first decided I wanted to have unicorn sex, I really thought about what I like seeing in three-way porn and what makes me come. I wanted to be watched while I fucked—both the man and the woman—and also wanted a group experience. I also knew what I didn’t want and could not be talked into doing. No anal, nothing rough, nothing submissive. I wasn’t going to be treated like a sex toy by a couple. I needed to be treated like an equal participant.”

GIF of a womans tattooed legs, she is wearing unicorn slippers and sitting on a balcony railing and you can see the houses from across the street.

Put Your Sex Energy Out There

There are a variety of ways to find a couple for a threesome. Obviously, there are sex clubs and swingers’ clubs, but it may be harder to establish boundaries or set rules on the fly in that sort of situation.

A good place to start is with an online dating site. However, know that alternative sites are a better place to begin than traditional dating sites like Match or Tinder. A possible option is Feeld, billed as “a dating app for the curious.”

Additionally, it might be entirely possible to jump in and have sex with a couple you already know is interested in spicing things up.

Christina, 35, recalls when she realized she had the perfect opportunity to get with a couple. “I have a guy friend—he and I were friends with benefits before he got serious with his current girlfriend. When he entered this new relationship, I was happy for him and told him I found his new girl incredibly attractive. It was probably about six months later that he texted me one night and said they had been talking about having a threesome and asked if I was interested. I already had a history with him, and his girlfriend had been with other women before. So, the experience was super comfortable and satisfying.”

Ultimately, a three-way hookup has tons of magical sex energy. From a unicorn’s standpoint, it offers hot sex without a committed relationship—and it can be an exhilarating experience.

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