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JUICY PINK BOX ORIGINAL SERIES | Director: Jincey Lumpkin, Esq. Journey inside Jincey's mind as she exposes her fantasies and experiences through a dialog with 7 women, each playing parts of herself. Sensual secrets are revealed in this 10-part series of self-pleasure scenes. View Series Trailer

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Episode 1

Ana - Part 1Ana (Ela Darling) visits the therapist's office to explore her new-found sexual feelings for her friend. She opens up about her attraction to this girl, describes the sex and then touches herself on the chaise.

Episode 2

Ana - Part 2Ana (Ela Darling) returns to the office in confusion. She is now engaged to her boyfriend, but she can't stop her relationship with her girlfriend. Thinking about touching her girlfriend's body is the only way she can get off. She wants to break free, but she's not sure how.

Episode 3

CorinaNewly single, Corina (Simone Valentino) has been having guilty fantasies about sex parties and orgies filled with beautiful women. She's ready to let go of the past and crawl into a new world, full of sexual curiosity.

Episode 4

JordanJordan (Nic Switch) has just broken up with her girlfriend. Obsessed, she can't stop thinking about her ex. She gets turned on thinking about making love to her again. She masturbated on the chaise in an emotional climax.

Episode 5

JulianneJulianne (Delores Haze) heads into the office for her weekly appointment. She's a little ashamed about a naughty role-play she did with the girl she's been seeing. Hot and bothered, she decides to strip and get down.

Episode 6

LauraLaura (Dylan Ryan) comes to therapy for the first time because she is confused about her emotions. She suspects her girlfriend has feelings for a man. While Laura feels that her girlfriend cheating should make her jealous and angry, instead she finds herself turned on by the idea.

Episode 7

Skye - Part 1Skye (Jett Bleu) is worried about her relationship; she's been flirting with the idea of cheating on her girlfriend. Fantasizing about fisting, Skye vibrates into ecstasy on the chaise.

Juicy Pink Box - Series

About the director

Jincey Lumpkin, Esq., Chief Sexy Officer of Juicy Pink Box, makes her directorial debut with Therapy. She is off-screen as the "therapist" in this series, asking questions and probing deeply into the characters, reflecting intimate details about her life and the lives of the cast.

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